About Lisa

Lisa Hirsh thrives on improving organizational performance and spirit, particularly in times of growth and changes in strategy. Over the last 25 years she has helped leaders manage large-scale change and leverage the interconnection and impact of each part of a system on the whole. She skillfully integrates the business and interpersonal side of leadership and teams so that people accomplish their goals and deepen their working relationships. Lisa encourages people to dream big and looks for every opportunity to celebrate with a sense of style, imagination and inclusion.

Lisa helps organizations design and implement change that incorporates the business model, how leaders lead, and how people work. She ensures both depth and continuity of change by collaborating with the organization along the continuum of change to cultivate and sustain vitality.

She has developed innovative methods for mobilizing organizations for change, building high performance teams, coaching senior leaders and middle managers and helping clients develop learning cultures. In addition, she has designed and facilitated company-wide events and small sensitive meetings, led leadership development programs, and tackled a wide variety of human resource issues. She has collaborated with corporate, public sector and nonprofit organizations including a major transformation with the United Way of Rhode Island.

Lisa was a leader of the Change Management Practice at CSC Index, an international management consulting firm. Prior to Index she was Director of Organizational Development and Training at Keane, Inc., a software applications company. Before Keane she was senior organizational consultant at the Center of Negotiation and Public Policy where she helped representatives from industry, government, and private organizations develop long-term negotiation strategies to solve complex economic and environmental problems.

She has written numerous articles on health care and education. She holds a C.A.S from Harvard University with a focus on organizational development, an M.Ed from Lesley University, and a BA from Oberlin College. She is certified in Myers-Briggs and is a member of the Society of Organizational Learning, a global community of business leaders, researchers and educators. She is also a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston.

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