Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

Leveraging Organizational and Individual Strengths for Growth and Change

  • December 1-3, 2009 ~ AI Foundations

  • December 4 ~ Advanced Class for AI Practitioners to deepen their understanding and practice of AI in their life and work.

Dear friends,

I’ve been an organizational change consultant for 25 years. When I encountered Appreciative Inquiry I fundamentally changed the way I work.

I am delighted to be collaborating with Jane Magruder Watkins, a global pioneer using Appreciative Inquiry in private, nonprofit and governmental organizations in two Boston-based Appreciative Inquiry Workshops. Jane is the co-author with Bernard Mohr of the highly acclaimed book, Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination.

We invite you to join us in these these exciting workshops.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Cover of Jane's book

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is the practice of finding and leveraging the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them. It is a systematic discovery of what gives a system “life” when it is at its most effective and capable, and then using that “life” to construct positive transformations.

AI interventions spark imagination and innovation. AI replaces diagnosis with discovery, dream, and design. The AI model surfaces untapped, rich, and inspiring accounts of positive experiences, and uses this “positive change core” to design and implement leadership strategies and change agendas.

Changes never thought possible are suddenly and democratically mobilized.

Workshops Descriptions

Foundations: Developed over a decade, this experience-based workshop prepares participants to use AI for organizational change in systems and with individual clients. It offers a solid grounding in the practice, concepts and theory of Appreciative Inquiry.

Advanced Class: (For AI practitioners) Will be customized around the needs of participants. Topics may include: Creating buy-in to AI principles and practice within an organization and with potential clients; participants’ case examples and sustaining AI spirit in ourselves.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Leaders and managers
  • Coaches
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educators
  • Consultants and trainers
  • Changes agents and activists
  • Facilitators

How You Will Benefit

In addition to becoming familiar with tools for applying AI, workshop participants will:

  • Develop their ability to apply the AI framework to interventions such as: Strategic Planning, Coaching, Organizational Redesign, Mergers, Team-building, Evaluation, and Diversity work.

  • Learn and practice appreciative question construction, AI interview design, topic identification, and creating provocative propositions.
  • Become familiar with the multi-disciplinary principles, research and theory of AI.

Fees and Registration

Foundations - December 1-3: Early bird $925 before September 30; After September 30 $995

Advanced Class - December 4: $225 Early bird before September 30; After September 30 $275

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Feel free to write or call with questions to, 617-782-9457.


Workshop Location

The workshop will be held at The Walker Center, 171 Grove Street Newton, Mass. The Center has inexpensive lodging for out-of-towners. Click here for the Walker Center website.

The Walker Center is a comfortable meeting place, which specializes in hosting trainings, retreats, conferences and events for non-profits and faith-based organizations, reflecting its historic concern for peace, social justice, and other global issues.

Workshop Facilitators

Jane Magruder Watkins
Jane Magruder Watkins, workshop co-facilitator
Jane has been at the forefront of he development of Appreciative Inquiry. She has pioneered the use of Appreciative Inquiry in corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations around the globe. She works in nearly 50 countries on five continents. This global perspective informs her transformational processes that enable organizations to succeed in constantly changing environments.

Jane is past chair of NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science, and, with David Cooperider and others, founded Appreciative Inquiry Consulting. She developed and leads the NTL AI Certificate Program.

Lisa Hirsh

Lisa Hirsh, workshop co-facilitatorLisa thrives on improving organizational performance and spirit. She helps individuals and organizations accomplish their goals, deepen working relationships and build sustainable change. For more than 25 years she has helped leaders in corporate, nonprofit and public sector organizations, manage large-scale change and understand the impact of each part of a system on the whole.

Beginning her career as a journalist, Lisa asked good questions to illuminate complex and contentious situations. The art of the good question and drive to make a lasting difference ultimately led her to Appreciative Inquiry. Lisa draws on her love of anthropology, history, storytelling and the arts. She is a member of the Society of Organizational Learning, a global community of business leaders, researchers and educators.

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What People Say

"I learned a completely different way to have impact in many aspects of my life."Lois Bruss, Principal, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, The Mitre Corporation

"I learned about the value of AI and its reliance on what’s right for its participants rather than a reliance on strict and defined methodologies. I learned through practicing AI and seeing how hard it was for me to let go of the critical - and -to be more broad, expansive, spontaneous and positive."Jamie Higgins, Senior Organizational Consultant, Monitor Group

"This was my first introduction to Appreciative Inquiry. While working to increase what is good, exciting,etc. is not a new idea, this workshop provides strong tools to do it. I have been trained to look for what is broken in people--I can see using this in many areas: clinical work, supervision, leadership development and much more."Beth Lacey, Director of Residential Programs, Advocates, Inc.