Capture the Impact TM

What impact do you want to capture?

What story do you want to tell?

What understanding do you want to deepen?

Video engages people’s emotions and imagination in
ways that text, data, and presentations can’t. Using
video and a unique interview process, Lisa captures powerful stories and shapes them into vehicles that touch people and spur them to action.

Combining her understanding of organizational strategy, her ability to get at fundamental human desires to make a difference, and her appreciation of how to tell a good story, these videos

  • Ignite support for new ideas
  • Capture the impact of a learning program or a change initiative
  • Leverage the perspective and wisdom of a leader
  • Connect people emotionally to an organization’s mission

QuickTime video player required to play clips. Videos open in a new window.

Some examples of our work:

  • Pull Up Three Chairs features doctors and nurses in an academic medical center describing the powerful impact a one-month training program had on the way they treated patients and families. The film raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, helped recruit new clinicians and educate people across the country.
  • The Heart of the Work shows the power of integrating organizational change with business redesign and technological change at a major Boston university.
  • Voices for Change helped galvanize employees of a health insurance company on the need for change through the stories of health professionals and customers. It was an integral part of the change process in 19 health care centers.



I’ve led many management and leadership development programs. We teach a lot of concepts, we give people a lot of practice and then we send them off. But we don’t always know what they’re actually doing out in the real world. How has the teaching or workshop changed what they do? If I am a Chief Learning Officer I want to know about the return on my investment in an educational program. I really want to see how are people different? How are they using learning? How are they growing and what difference are they making in our organization or community? We see that in video.

Lisa Hirsh

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