Capturing the Impact of a Program

A large academic medical center wanted to understand the difference a one-month Palliative Care rotation made in how doctors and nurses practiced medicine. The leaders also wanted to acknowledge its faculty for their teaching in a Palliative Care rotation.
We interviewed a number of physicians and nurses to understand the power of the educational experience. They told many stories that demonstrated new and often subtle shifts in their awareness and skill. Most importantly, we could see how they translated that awareness into the ways they cared for patients and their families. We used video to capture stories that exemplified change and insights into how they learned their new skills.

The video has had far-reaching impacts:

  • It gave faculty a window into how doctors and nurses practiced medicine in fundamentally different ways after going through the program.
  • Program leaders used the video for outreach and showed it to hospital administrators across the country to demonstrate the power of a palliative care program.
  • It was used as a recruiting tool for attracting clinicians into the program.
  • It raised over $500,000 from individuals and foundations to support the program.



I was struck when I saw the video—how the right question phrased in the right way, in an environment where the person being interviewed feels safe, and the person talking to them is genuinely interested in what they think, and there is time to think and reflect—showed me something I never would have known. The power of those images and those words was broader and more long lasting than I or my colleagues had ever anticipated.

Dr. Diane Meier
Director, Center to Advance Palliative Care
Professor, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Click here to see Capture the ImpactTM video! (QuickTime required)

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