Strategic Partners

In today’s rapidly changing, competitive environment,
Lisa works closely with several seasoned Strategic
Partners, to deliver expert assistance to leaders
facing critical challenges in:



DB Reiff Communications

DB Reiff is dedicated to helping organizations work more productively by helping them communicate more effectively. She focuses on leadership communication and conflict resolution. DB helps leaders use their voices in strong, clear and compelling ways to inspire employees, shareholders and clients. She writes spirited speeches for senior executives for critical meetings, and coaches them on how to deliver their speeches to leave lasting impressions.

And, she helps employees at all levels surface and resolve conflicts so that problem-solving takes precedence over power differences. As a certified Massachusetts mediator and trained organizational ombuds she acts as “organizational radar” providing an early warning system to help organizations manage legal and reputation risks from problems simmering “below the radar.” By teaching skills for managing organizational conflict and collaboration she helps ensure that the best ideas are considered and the best decisions are made.

Her clients include Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Camp Dresser McGee and the Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference.

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Executive Knowledge International, LLC
Carlota Vollhardt, Dipl.Psych., President

Carlota Vollhardt helps organizations to increase success and minimize risk when senior executives, high potentials, or key experts are changing roles or leaving the organization.

  • Top leaders, key talent and senior experts on average now change positions every 3 years. Research shows that more than a third of senior executives new to their role fail within the first 18 months, taking a costly toll on the organizations on a financial as well as psychological level.
  • Experienced leaders and expert colleagues leave the organization to retire or change jobs, causing leakage of “tacit” experiential knowledge and know-how. As a consequence, costly errors in decision making and operations force the organization to “relearn” what was already known.

EKI has a proven, unique knowledge transfer and transition acceleration approach that addresses transitions, thereby increasing the critical capability of organizations to balance the need for continuity with the pressure to innovate and change to adapt in this turbulent business environment.

Carlota has worked successfully with over 70 top level transitions and in several organizational transformations and M&A situations in the US, Europe and Asia. She has a strong international and academic background as an organizational and clinical psychologist and also serves as an executive coach. Her clients include Johnson & Johnson, Assurant, Ketchum, and the Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN).

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Smith OBrien
Neil Smith

Smith OBrien specializes in helping multinational corporations adopt core values and progressive operating practices and integrate them across functional silos and business units. We are leaders in quantifying how those practices affect earnings. For example, we highlight policies that promote diversity and human rights, and prevent pollution?just a few of the key practices that reduce or eliminate reputation risk. More important, we have advised corporate leadership on culture change frequently needed to sustain responsible operating practices over time. We take a strong business approach by rolling up our sleeves to work with clients, long-term, at their own pace and within their business environment. Clients have included Chiquita, Starbucks, and US AID.

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Eidetic Productions

Seth Bernstein is the founder of Eidetic Production and a writer, director and documentary fiilmmaker. He holds a BA in linguistic anthropology and psychology from Brandeis University as well as a certificate in directing and cinematography from FAMU film school in Prague. Seth began his professional life at an early age as a lighting designer for theater and live events. While he currently focuses on his film and video work, his theatrical background gave him an appreciation for narrative storytelling and the way it can be strengthened using technology. From feature documentaries to installation art to corporate video, Seth strives to bring his unique skill set and passion for engaging an audience to every project.

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Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs

ChangeWise provides consulting, training, and coaching services that make leaders, teams, and organizational more "agile" in today's fast-paced economy. The principals of ChangeWise are seasoned professionals with decades of experience completing successful projects with organizations in a wide variety of industries. The powerful perspective behind their work is described in the new book, Leadership Agility, by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs.


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